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Ready to Fast-Track the Growth of Your Accounting Practice?

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The fastest growing industry in America is looking for experienced accounting professionals.

Your fast-track to learning how to best serve Canna clients is through joining our elite program and community. Watch to learn more!

The GREEN Rush is underway, and we're here to help you! If you're ready, click below to start the process of joining our elite group of over 500+ professionals that specialize in Cannabis accounting. To apply or get more information, click below to book a call and answer a short list of questions.

The intensity of the program and the dedication required to succeed in this niche is not for everyone. To help ensure the success of those who join, we conduct an initial screening to go over the details of the program, and answer your questions to help determine if our Cannabis Accounting 3.0 program is right for you. Click below to get started.

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"I am 3/4 done with the program and feel like the investment was one of the BEST I have ever made. The materials, calls and group are phenomenal!"

Erin Rulli

Erin Rulli
"I have purchased many different programs over the course of my career and the support I am getting from Naomi Granger and Andrew Hunzicker is invaluable. Andrew even joined me on my 1st client call today to help me ask the appropriate questions. I am beyond impressed and grateful!"

Aidelis Duran Leon

"I wanted to share a HUGE victory! A new client signed on today for a full Accounting and Finance solution. I am so thankful for this program. My mindset and confidence has improved tremendously since I joined! Thanks Andrew and Naomi!"

Lola Welborn

Lola Welborn