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The intensity of the program and the dedication required to succeed in this niche is not for everyone. To help ensure the success of those who join, we conduct an initial screening to go over the details of the program, and answer your questions to help determine if our Cannabis and CBD/Hemp Accounting 5.0 program is right for you. Click below to get started.

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Nationally Recognized Cannabis Accounting Training

Grow your firm by offering world-class accounting services! It's easier to find new clients, and for you to get paid a premium for the work that you are doing. Cannabis is the fastest growing niche in America with no signs of slowing down! Learn the ins and outs of this industry quickly!

The program includes:

  • 100+ workpapers, templates, tools, etc that you can use on day one to server your clients.
  • Vertical specific chart of accounts for dispensaries, growers, cultivators, and more.
  • Cost accounting workpapers and guidance for how to do proper allocations that comply with 280E.
  • Onboarding and cleanup process for new clients. Never undercharge for these services again.
  • Find/Price/Close Great Clients w/ Our Client Acquisition systems and tools.
  • Community of hundreds of tax lawyers, EAs, CPAs, and more that will answer your questions!
If you or anyone is looking to get into the fastest growing emerging industry, the easiest and quickest way is through the DOPE CFO PROGRAM. My Firm wouldn’t be where it is without it.

Chip Schweiger The Green Leaf CPA, and former 10-year Audit partner at a national accounting firm

Chip Sweiger CPA
"We got our first Client at $84k a year. We started out at $42k a year but we’re now taking over as their outsourced CFO. The plan is 6 figures with just this client within the next 12 months. So thankful for this group and course!"

Nichole Fielder Hybrid Bookkeeping LP

Nichole Fieler
"As a CPA, this program is legit. I frequently use the workpapers for my Cannabis clients and would have spent a long time trying to build them from scratch. The community is outstanding and supportive. I am so grateful to have joined this group!"

Mark Waller, CPA Morem & Waller CPAs

Mark Waller CPA

Frequently Asked Questions

In our 4 part program only part 1 “education and training” has a time component that can be done in 90 days, in an hour per day. Part 2, 3, and 4 are good on day 1 – and forever!

Do I need to be a CPA to join?

No, you don’t need to be a CPA to serve in Cannabis. In fact, many CPAs have chosen to not serve in this industry, meaning most Cannabis companies have bookkeepers doing the day to day books. There is a huge need for qualified (meaning educated in Cannabis and CBD/hemp accounting procedures) accountants and bookkeepers to serve this industry.

We only license our program to one-person firms only. If you have more people employed in your firm, please email for information on additional licenses. 

How much time does it take to complete the training?

Really, it comes down to two things.

1) Are you looking to get your first Cannabis or CBD/Hemp accounting or tax client? If so, we have modules that you can jump right into on day one that will guide you through the process of finding and landing your first Cannabis accounting client. No need to finish the education and training module first; dive right into landing your first client on day one, as well!

2) Ready to service your existing Cannabis and/or CBD/hemp accounting client? Great! We help you understand how to provide world-class service, as well as give you the downloadable tools that you can use immediately on day one to serve these clients. Everything from properly on-boarding your Cannabis/CBD/hemp client, setting up a perpetual data room, month-end tie-outs, day-to-day bookkeeping, etc. This program is meant to be DIY and plug and play, so you can go through the different modules at your own pace. Our hope is that you'll be proficient in providing Cannabis and CBD/hemp accounting services within 90 days, which is totally possible if you invest on average at least an hour a day into learning and implementing the materials.

What makes Cannabis/Hemp/CBD accounting so different?

There are many varied sub-niches, which can be very complicated to serve effectively. These sub-niches include farming, processing, manufacture, labs, distribution and retail, and many times all of those will fall under the same company. On top of that, there is a lack of Big 4 industry guides or training, no GAAP guidance, and almost no tools or workpapers outside of our program, making it extremely difficult to serve these clients well and maximizing your time! From banking to transportation of goods; from seed to sale; from payroll to paying bills, there are challenges that most businesses do not have to deal with that hinder day-to-day operations. Cannabis and CBD/hemp accounting professionals need to be aware of these challenges and must be able to help their clients navigate and find solutions so that they can properly operate their business.

Larger accounting firms at this point in time are not heavily involved in Cannabis and CBD/hemp, meaning these multi-million dollar operations must find smaller firms that are willing to help them with their accounting.

Accounting in and of itself is a challenge because software is truly lacking and doesn't cater to the specific needs of Cannabis businesses. Quickbooks and other accounting software don’t have a chart of accounts tailored to Cannabis entities for example. Additionally, most set up complex multi-entity structures, use cost and consolidated accounting, and have complex inter-company transactions.

To serve them well, a bookkeeper or accountant needs to understand these industries, Cannabis, CBD/hemp, the state/federal issues, and have good work papers, systems, and tools. In addition, there are even more industry issues such as lack of banking, complex software, state seed to sale tracking, cash management issues, investor reporting, GAAP accounting and inventory management that will affect Cannabis and CBD/hemp business operations.

Is it legal to serve Cannabis companies?

At this point there aren't any service providers in the US who have served a state-legal Cannabis company; including accountants, bookkeepers, attorneys, marketers, plumbers, realtors, electricians, etc, that have faced any legal repercussions for simply providing service to a state legal Cannabis company (and there are likely hundreds of thousands of service providers out there, and that number is growing quickly). That said, find and follow your state laws, your state accountancy board, and also review the sites below:

Also this link and site provides timely updates around tax and cannabis:

IRS site on 230 and tax advice:

Finally, the best policy is to always do world class work, follow all laws and regulations and terminate any clients immediately that you suspect are breaking the law.

Can I just figure it out on my own?

Our course is designed to be a shortcut into serving the Cannabis and CBD/hemp niches for an accountant or bookkeeper who has a firm (or wants to launch one) without having to figure everything out by trial and error. We’ll outfit you with the proper tools, including:

  • Cannabis and CBD/hemp specific chart of accounts
    More than 100 cost accounting workpapers, templates, and charts of accounts
  • The knowledge to understand the complexity of 280e, 471a, and other state and federal tax rules
  • Ways to tackle the issues of farm, chemical manufacture, food production, labs, distribution, and retail accounting
  • Multi-entity, consolidations, intercompany issues
  • ...and much more.

The stakes are high for cannabis CEOs, and the fate of their business rests in having an accounting team that understands what is necessary in order to keep their business compliant so that they aren't penalized or shut down. Our goal is to provide tools and guidance to accounting professionals so that Cannabis and CBD/hemp businesses are being properly serviced and can thrive.

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