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Every Argument Has Been Tried To Say That 280E Shouldn’t Apply, But You Are Never Going To Win That Battle

This webinar covers the Harborside case in depth and how the IRS handed down yet another decision that further cements their position on the cannabis industry… and how these businesses must deal with 280E and the other laws that restrict them from the same benefits that most businesses take advantage of to save their company money. You can read more about our thoughts on the case in our case review.

Harborside Health Center, owned by Patients Mutual Collective Corporation, was one of the largest dispensaries in California. The IRS audited years 2007 to 2012 of their financials but didn’t reach an opinion until the end of 2018. The fact that this opinion is only just finalized shows just how many years a case like this can drag on and highlights all of the strain that comes with it - such as financial (legal, penalties, interest), time (years), and stress (endless).