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It can be scary to charge higher fees when you don’t know the going average rate or how to confidently ask for more.

The good news is that pricing has nothing to do with experience or certifications, and everything to do with the value you can offer CEOs. Of course, the trick is knowing how to package your offer correctly to emphasize the value-add benefits of the work you do (and not just providing prospects with a generic list of your services). Once you can consistently prove the high-level of value you offer to clients, you can begin raising your fees to match that value.

Join DOPE CFO founder Andrew Hunzicker for our in-house webinar, “How to Confidently Price any Accounting Services in Cannabis and CBD/Hemp (and Prove your Value to CEOs),where you'll learn everything you need to confidently ask for fees that reflect the degree of work and expertise you put into your accounting services.



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Andrew Hunzicker, CPA

DOPE CFO - Founder

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